Rich Mitchell – Filmmaker

Rich Mitchell is a a hugely talented DOP and filmmaker, who I’ve worked with on documentaries all over the world, including in Cambodia, Pakistan, Seychelles, Armenia and Brazil. He is dedicated and hardworking, shoots beautifully, and most importantly, he is a cool head under pressure. He is also great with contributors, and helps create a relaxed atmosphere when filming.

Harri Grace – Director/Producer
Grain Media (Academy Award Winners for “Virunga”)


20 Years as a professional Filmmaker

Director/Editor/DoP or any combination of the three

Worked across genre but with a particular focus on documentary, branded content and TVCs

I love working with and getting the most from actors, presenters and all kinds of contributors

Content for brands, obscure indie, music videos, broadcast TV, cinema and TVCs

BBC – C4 – ITV – C5 – Al Jazeera – Viasat – Freeview – Sky


DoP for “The Ballad of Shirley Collins” which premiered and was in competition at LFF – The Guardian described as having “liquid cinematography”

“Way of the Morris” cinema release documentary with wide critical acclaim – The Guardian described the photography as “bucolic”

British Arrow Bronze and Silver awards for directing VIASAT idents and promos

Directed and edited the 2019 online campaign for the FSCS with Universal McCann, which was there most successful to date

Shooting Director on for Al Jazeera series The Cure and “3D Printed Arms” shot in Brazil with Grain Media, that was one of their most popular stories of the season

Foriegn Press Award for Al Jazeera series The Cure and “Tackling Drug Resistant Tuberculosis” that I shot in Armenia for Grain Media with Director Harri Grace

I shot, directed and edited a stereoscopic/3D 360/VR music video for British D&B artist Harry Shotta, incorporating many emerging 360 and VR technologies – I was invited to speak at Develop:Brighton about this project

Successful work for McDonalds – Rimmel – Listerine – Greenpeace – O2 – FSCS – Barclays – Trivago – Canon – Microsoft – Just Eat and many others


Shooting with full crew on location or on soundstage

Shooting with small crews or as a one-man-band Shooting Director

Experienced in packing effective portable kits, with redundancy, ready to shoot anywhere in the world

Life long passion for technology – Early adopter and pioneer of techniques and workflows in digital formats from SD to 4k to 360/VR and Stereo/3D

Focus on Visual Story Telling technique throughout production

Teaching Cinematography, 360/VR, Visual Storytelling and Directing at NFTS, Central Film School and London College of Communication

Shooting Kit

Sony FX6 Fullframe Camera

Sigma 14-24mm f2.8
Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
Sony 70-200mm f2.8
Sony 200-600mm f4
Sigma 35mm f1.2
Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro

DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Camera Gimble

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone

Sony UWP-D Digital Radio Mic System capable of 2xLapelier Mics or 1xLapielier and 1xShotgun Mic

Rhode Shotgun Mic

Senniheiser Shotgun Mic

Tascam Field Recorder

Manfrotto HD406 Tripod
Short and Tall legs

Insta360 Pro 2 Kit
Insta360 One X2 Kit


Apurture 600d II (Equivalent of at least a 1.2k HMI) + Fresnel + Barndoors

Apurture 300x Bi-Colour 2000k – 65000k (Equivalent of a 575k HMI) + Fresnel + Barndoors

Apurture Nova 300c RGBWW Full Spectrum Panel Light (RGB Equivalent of Arri Skypanel) + Softbox + Barndoors

Apaurture 60x Bi-Colour 2000k – 65000k (Dedo LED Equivalent) + Barndoors

2 x FalconEyes RX-18TDX II 100W Bi-Color Waterproof IPX8 Roll-Flex Flexible LED Panel + Softbox + Grid

FalconEyes PockeLite F7 Fold RGB 24W 2500K-9000K Led Video Camera Light 9 inch + Grid

Lightdome II

Lantern 90

Appropriate Stands and Distribution

2 x 260Wh V-Mount Batteries capable of powering any of the lights

Post-Production Kit

Gigabyte Aero 32gig Core i7 9th gen Editing Laptop with Adobe Suite

Intel i9 3.7Ghz RTX3090 based post-production Workstation

Adobe Suite – Red Giant Plugins – Boris FX Plugins – DaVinci Resolve – Autocad Suite

ASUS 24″ 4k HDR Grading monitor

Sony 38″ 4k HDR Playback Monitor

24tb NAS Drive


I can hire you this outstanding kit at an ubeatable price, including transport – if you’re a new hire you will need myself or one my collegues accompany in the role of Driver, 1st/2nd AC, DoP or Shooting Director

Dry hire is also possible – we just need to discuss

Post-Production incuding kit £350 p/d